Trading robots are softwares created to automatically trade in the market with the objective of having the greatest possible profit, within a defined and supervised strategy.

The robot follows market movements and carries out buy and sell negotiations, following a strategy previously defined by the traders, who also supervise the operation.

Using a robot trader can expand your ability to trade assets and generate superior profits as long as you have a good strategy. With this technology, it is now possible to automate the purchase and sale of shares, in addition to scaling their operations on the stock exchange. This way, you no longer need to pay attention to the trading floor all day, not to mention that the robot can also increase the volume of transactions.

How does the robot work?

Three main parameters are usually defined for the robot to be able to operate, they are:

· The entry point (buy or sell)

· Exit point with profit

· Exit point with loss.

There are many advantages to having a robot, as they can operate in the market uninterruptedly, manage to be faster than humans, are not moved by emotions, and follow the strategy they were programmed to ensure good results. Therefore, these investor robots are increasingly popular and are recognized for their agility and accuracy. The robot also needs to be monitored as there are

market movements that could affect its operations. After all, the robot knows how to interpret graphics and not news.

That's why at WiseTur, every operation is monitored 24/7, by experienced traders. That feeds the system with information that parametrizes and supports the decision-making process of WiseTur Bot.