Joint account or pool account is a modality that exists in some areas, such as condominium management and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Currently, the joint trading account modality is much sought after by investors who wish to have an income without the concern of managing the trades. Large exchanges offer their clients joint trading accounts, called Pool. Which return to the investor profits above what he could get in an individual account with the convenience, security and transparency of being able to monitor the capital gain in a simplified way in his own account.

At WiseTur you can count on the joint trading account - private pool, an opportunity to obtain profits from automated trading, with even more peace of mind. Because you don't need to follow the market or trade orders. You have access to the platform to track your daily earnings and withdraw your profits.

In this modality, WiseTur offers its clients the opportunity to enjoy the high technology and experience of our professionals to manage a trading account in cryptocurrencies, with the objective of having excellent results, as with a larger capital it is possible to adopt strategies with great benefits. Take this opportunity. No membership fees or profit sharing.