Quite simply, API is a remote control for your Exchange account. This control you can use or allow third parties to use. Thus, you can develop your own operator interface, implement graphical analysis routines and even apply Artificial Intelligence in your trading.

Of course, doing all this for a single account becomes infeasible. However, if a company develops these solutions to access several APIs simultaneously, the cost of this technology is diluted and therefore, viable for all.

WiseTur has implemented trading algorithms that communicate with the APIs of the largest exchanges in the world. And for our BOT to access your account, you just need to provide the access keys on our platform, easy, fast and secure. Due to the success of WiseTur, the annual cost of this implementation is $99.90. Paid in USDT.

It doesn't matter if your trading bank has 2k or 1M dollars. Our BOT trades assets directly in your account. Generating an average profit of 20% per month. In other words, only you will be able to withdraw the profits or the principal capital. Only 20% commission is applied to this profit for WiseTur.

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