Every day, new projects are born that deliver one or more tokens/cryptocurrencies. Each for a specific purpose. Whether solving critical points of a cryptoactive predecessor or merely speculative.

It would be practically impossible to close this article if we had the intention of publishing exactly how many cryptocurrencies there are. Because, at the time of publication, our article would already be out of date.

So, let's teach you "the way of stones" to not only know how many cryptocurrencies there are, but also to be able to classify them by value and traded volume, Exchanges that have listed these currencies in their Marketplace, and the main thing: know the fundamentals of each project.

Enabling the user to find all this information in one place is the purpose of portals like coinmarketcap and coingecko. However, browsing through these portals amidst so many advertisements and technical names, can be scary for those who are not familiar with this market.

However, it is not impossible. And we at WiseTur challenge you to browse these portals and identify a good project and who knows, even invest if convenient.

Meanwhile, our robot keeps your trading automated and supervised by experienced traders. Your capital will be safe on the Exchange of your choice and the technical analysis of all cryptocurrencies listed on that Marketplace will be done in seconds. Ensuring promising results even at low.

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