Those who carry out operations in the market follow the changes in the price of assets. But how does this variation work? Basically, the price of digital coins varies according to the law of supply and demand. That is, the greater the offer, the lower the price, the greater the demand, it tends to appreciate and consequently become more expensive.

Every day we see the growth of this market. A short time ago, it was barely heard of cryptocurrencies, but today it is very common to be a subject in conversation circles, in reports and especially among future investors. Who are looking for an opportunity to make a profit and know that this is the future. And as cryptocurrencies gain more attention, it is normal for the volume of purchases to increase, and consequently, prices tend to rise.

There are other factors that determine the price of a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin for example has a limited number in circulation and new Bitcoins are created in a predictable and decreasing amount, which means that demand must follow this level to keep its price stable. Bitcoin production cost is quite high and also influences its value. One of the most consumed inputs during the process is electrical energy, but in order to have a better performance in mining, it is necessary to purchase some equipment such as specific hardware, GPU's and other servers.

The number of trades in an asset also impacts the price, which is why the crypto active market is so volatile. Paying attention to these variations is a way to seize opportunities and prevent losses.