If you've heard the term cryptography and you're not sure what it means, be aware that it's often used to refer directly to cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Cryptography is an area studied mainly in mathematics and computing, which consists of analyzing and applying techniques to protect a communication. This study basically consisted of taking a text and applying a certain technique so that the information contained there could only be read by whoever held the key or decryption method.

Ensuring the security and integrity of data, that is, preventing information from being altered is the fundamental point within cryptography.

The first successful cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which appeared in 2008, created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

A cryptocurrency can be defined as a unit of value, transacted in a monetary network to exchange values, whose fundamental principle is based on cryptography.

One of the basic principles of Bitcoin is asymmetric key cryptography, as it allows the public and private address scheme to work smoothly.

The blockchain network, which records and stores all transactions and address balances, can be defined as a chain of blocks intertwined by encryption.

Currently, cryptography is present in all sectors involving computing, banking networks, communications, computer networks, cryptocurrencies and many other indispensable systems for modern life. In addition, WiseTur uses cryptography to communicate with exchanges through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), to store data in a DBMS (Database Management System), to access the system via https, etc keeping in line with what is innovative in information technology.