To start trading the Day Trade, first of all, you must understand how market dynamics work. Know in which currency you want to operate and which modality. The initial focus is on learning.

You should start putting in as little as possible, something around R$1000.00/month, and increase the batch, according to the results obtained.

Make no mistake that you won't be able to make significant financial results right from the start. Remember that earnings will always be calculated on top of the invested capital. Thus, starting with a smaller amount, you will need to be patient until you reach a consistent level of earnings, which allows you to live only from the day trade. If that's your goal, know that it's entirely achievable as long as you have planning, risk management, and emotional control.

Now, if you want to have the gains that the trade can offer, but you are not prepared to trade alone, WiseTur is an automated system that does it for you. Our Bot has all the strategy and expertise necessary to operate more than satisfactorily, without the stress and worry that the trade can cause.

With 250 USD you can start trading in this market with a return of approximately 1% to 3% per day. To learn more, register on our website and enjoy!