Cryptocurrencies are recent assets and have a very sophisticated working logic. There are still many people trying to better understand how to operate with them. Digital coins have some advantages over physical coins and other means of payment.

Freedom:You can send or receive any value instantly and from anywhere.

Low fees: Payments made with digital currencies are processed at low or even exempt fees. Sales processing and transfer of amounts are carried out daily and at a lower cost than traditional methods such as PayPal or credit card networks.

Security: Transactions can be carried out without linking the user's personal information to the transaction, protecting the identity. Besides, of course, being encrypted.

Transparency: All transactions with cryptocurrencies are registered on the blockchain network and anyone can consult. However, without identifying the buyer or seller.

On the other hand, those who bet on this market also need to understand some risks. See some of them:

Degree of acceptance: As a relatively small number of people know and even fewer use digital currencies, there are few establishments that accept this form of payment. But little by little this has changed.

Volatility: This is because, little by little, cryptocurrencies are gaining visibility, which attracts many new users and ends up overvaluing the asset. Market speculation as well as news can make the price plummet in a short time. It is believed that as the market matures, volatility tends to reduce over time.

Security: Although digital coins are considered secure, if users are not careful, they run the risk of “erasing” the key to their crypto actives. Once the digital file is lost, the money is lost. Digital coin wallets, on the other hand, can be protected by encryption, but this feature needs to be activated by the user, so as not to run the risk of having their assets stolen by malware.

Now that you understand a little more about the advantages and risks involved in cryptocurrency transactions, be aware of these factors at all times. Always search for the best assets to make your investment. If you still don't feel safe, WiseTur makes the negotiations automated for you.