An automated trading system is a solution for both novice Traders, who are still learning and defining their operating strategies, or even for the more experienced ones, who know that knowledge in this area alone is not enough. It is necessary to have emotional control in times of market fluctuations.Many investors believe that trading robots is all they need to start making a profit. But the robot alone does not work miracles, you need experienced traders monitoring everything your bot does, ensuring the best results.

The big advantage of automating the trade is having the strategy drawn in the robot code. If the strategy behind the robot wins, it will follow the trader's tactics. The robot is able to analyze a much larger number of scenarios and execute your orders much more accurately and quickly. This can bring numerous benefits over manual operation, but it does not necessarily mean that when operating with robots you will only have positive results. He will only follow what was scheduled, he doesn't follow market news, and he may be surprised.

In some cases, they operate with strategies that are impossible for humans to carry out. However, if the strategy is programmed to execute is a loser, then the robot is just a more accurate and quicker money-losing mechanism.

When choosing your robot, among several available on the market, choose the one that best fits your trader profile, always consider the risk involved in your operations, and the capital available for this purpose.