Swing Trade is the modality of operations on the Stock Exchange, Forex or cryptoactives, which consists of buying assets to sell them after a while in order to make a profit.

Among the modalities for those who trade in the market, this technique does not require full dedication like day trading, nor does it involve that scalper's adrenaline of wanting to make profits in seconds.

When we think of investments, we usually have two types: short-term and long-term. The swing trade is halfway there. It is suitable for those who want to carry out short and medium term operations. Negotiations last a few days or weeks.

As in day trading, the analysis and monitoring are carried out through charts and historical variations in asset prices. The main difference would be the duration of operations. The great advantage of operations being started and closed at longer intervals is that the swing trade does not demand the exclusive attention and dedication of the investor, who will be able to achieve gains in the market, even if he has other activities. In addition, it saves on fees paid to the broker.

It is possible to make swing trades with relatively low amounts, but before you start consider the costs of fees charged and remember that some swing trades are subject to tax.

Even though it is a strategy that does not require minute-by-minute monitoring of the market, swing trading also requires investors to take time to study the market and the details of the technique. Follow economic, business and political news, as the global scenario can impact operations and compromise your operations.

If you want to trade in the swing trader mode, choose which asset to trade, do a risk analysis and study hard before starting your investments, this is essential for the investor to keep the gains he managed to achieve and avoid unnecessary losses.

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