There are several investment possibilities, some more conservative and others more daring. Before looking for what best suits your profile, it is important to know the investor profiles and find out what yours is.

There are three types:


Aims to maintain your assets against inflation, taxes and discounts.


Want to get capital gain. However, it does not expose itself to risks that it considers unnecessary.


You already have capital destined exclusively for investments and losing it will not harm your quality of life. So, you risk more than investors in previous profiles. And with that, it achieves surprising results.

It is recommended that before any investment you are aware of your profile, this will help you to understand if you are in agreement with your goals and to make the best decision when investing.

What defines all investor profiles is how each one manages risk. This can be a difficult task, which is why you can count on WiseTur Bot's quantitative and supervised automation.