When we talk about buying and selling Cryptoactives there is always a question, is there a right time to buy or sell?

Technical analysis is the study of price movements of an asset, using a chart as a study tool. It's the fastest and easiest way to find out which assets to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. As the main point of this type of technical analysis, it can be used on any asset that is under negotiation.

And how to perform this analysis? Performing technical analysis involves mastering some concepts such as: Dow Theory, Candlesticks, Supports, Resistances, Indicators, Types of Charts, Trends, Phases, Graphic Times, Gaps, Setups, Backtest, Risk Management, Oscillators, Trackers and a lot more.

All these terms refer to the study of price movements using a chart as an instrument.

When we talk about a chart type, we are always referring to price movements within a period of time. The most used among traders is certainly the candlestick or candlestick chart, as it facilitates the visualization of prices and shows us important information about the movement by period.

The opening and closing form the body of the candlestick.

The high and low form the shadow, also known as the wick.

To make a good graphical analysis, you should also be concerned with the trend shown in the graph, whether it is with an uptrend, a downtrend or if the market remains consolidated. Trading volume influences all these movements, observe this factor and do a good risk management to get good results in the trader.

Mastering all these concepts of technical Analysis is not an easy task. To start day trade, trading safely requires a lot of study, dedication and practice, as well as adequate analysis tools. All of this is essential for anyone who wants to become a successful trader and it reaps great results.

That's why WiseTur is a great option, both for those who don't master all this knowledge or for experts in the subject. Our bot performs all these analyzes in your trades in an automated way, employing artificial intelligence to obtain excellent results.