Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning of the word investment? Investment is any application of resources that can return a profit without the need for work. And for beginners in this world of possibilities, it is necessary to understand what investment is not.

Considering that your objective in investing is to make a profit, here's the truth: car, house, consortium, cell phone and savings are not investments. And do you know why? Although many invest in these things, anything that generates costs makes you lose money or stop earning. As in the case of the car and the house, you will have to pay IPTU and IPVA, maintenance, discount, etc. Adding to a relatively high fixed cost.

So, the first step is to change the mentality and face these pseudo investments as consumer goods and instead of acquiring them, just pay for their use in a consumer relationship.

And how to identify a real investment?

There are numerous types of conservative, profitable and bold investments. And in all of them there is a profit x risk ratio. But before deciding which investment best suits your profile, pay attention to some characteristics:

Initial application: Minimum amount to be able to buy the financial asset, or start with the application.

Liquidity: It refers to the time it takes for your investment to turn into cash in the account. And you get to use it.

Interest: Concerned with how and how much your money will yield while it is invested.

Risk: It includes everything that endangers your profitability and invested capital. Risk is positive because without it, there would be no profitable investments.

Now that you know a little bit about what you need to pay attention to before making an investment, do some research on the various possibilities available on the market and make your best decision.Remember to consider investing in WiseTur which has several products to support your future.

The big investors started with little and with what they gained they managed to increase their investments. Thus obtaining the dream of financial success. With WiseTur you will get there too.