If you are a beginning investor, the first step is to understand how an investment works.

Investments are products issued by financial institutions, companies or the government itself with the aim of raising funds cheaper than bank loans. Investment is like a loan. Someone has money left over and someone needs to raise this money to carry out projects or to work with it in the financial market. Borrowers need to offer something in return, a return to attract investors.

A lender is known as an investor. If you've ever borrowed money from banks, you probably had to pay high interest rates to get the money you needed. When entering the investment world you will be on the other side, now you receive interest when you lend money.

To be on this side, you first need to save to invest monthly until you get a considerable amount invested. Investments are a great option to make your money and wealth grow above inflation. Only by saving, you will not achieve the same result as the purchasing power decreases with time and inflation.

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