DeFi – Decentralized Finance, aims to decentralize the financial system as a whole. Enabling the user to make loans, insurance, mortgages, smart contracts, invest in investment funds, etc. All this occurs without depending on a company or institution, and also without being subject to a government authority.

Built mostly on the open source, they don't originate in a specific region. Being guided by user communities who acquire governance tokens in order to have voting power.

Transactions are "peer to peer", person to person. And they are registered in the blockchain. Being the Ethereum Blockchain the most chosen, it allows the creation of smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is generally secure. However, as it is a decentralized protocol, often not containing even a broker, the user must be even more attentive. If there is a technical or human failure, there is a number 0800 that the customer can call and solve the problem quickly. If you deposited the wrong token, you might lose it.

So, before investing in DeFi projects, consult an expert. At WiseTur, you have a Top of the Line team, which will help you make the best decision.