Attractive Commissions To Keep You Intrigued

Subscribe WiseTur platform services for just $99.90/year
and stand the opportunity to earn an instant referral commission reward.

With the WiseTur Referral Program, users will be earning a small, yet notable share of the annual fee charged on every referral account successfully verified by WiseTur. Don’t feel like trading? You need not worry as you would still be getting rewards for referrals. Share with your connections now!

WiseTur Offers the Highest Feasible Commissions

The platform offers upto 80% commission rewards on the subscription plans and profit revenue generated from client referrals.

1. Economic Subscription Plan - $99.90/year and upto 80% Affiliate Rewards

Example - Considering the client paid the subscription fee of $99.90 for WiseTur Platform, the affiliate will be getting an instant commission of 80% of the total fee. (Refer to the table below)

2. Earn 80% of the 20% profit sharing fee charged by WiseTur from clients.

Example - Suppose the system generated $100 in profits within your trading account, then the fee charged is $20 (noting that the profit sharing charge of WiseTur is 20% of the entire profit). WiseTur will reward affiliates with the 20% of the $20 fee. (Refer to the table below)

Rank Direct Active Referrais Profit & Sharing
R1 1 to 10 20%
Direct 10% 1st Level 5% 2nd Level 3% 3rd Level 2%
R2 11 to 30 30%
Direct 14% 1st Level 8% 2nd Level 5% 3rd Level 3%
R3 31 to 50 40%
Direct 20% 1st Level 10% 2nd Level 6% 3rd Level 4%
R4 51 to 80 50%
Direct 25% 1st Level 12% 2nd Level 8% 3rd Level 5%
R5 81 to 100 60%
Direct 30% 1st Level 14% 2nd Level 10% 3rd Level 6%
R6 101+ 80%
Direct 40% 1st Level 18% 2nd Level 12% 3rd Level 10%